Thursday, August 24, 2006

Muthur Muslim Internally Displaced People in Al- Tharique Maha Vidyalaya

The total population of Muthur before displacement was 63,690 persons (47,272 families). Out of these Muslims were 52.5% (35,319 families), Tamils were 47.3% (28, 199 families), and Sinahalese were 1.7% (172 families).

Men were 31,383, and women were 32,307 according to Muthur divisional secretariat based on the survey carried out in December 2005. There are 96 villages in Muthur divisional secretariat area.

Muslims of Muthur were affected by the escalated violence in early August 2006. Muthur is a predominantly Muslim area. About 50,000 people of Muthur were displaced. They came to Kantale and Kinniya.

There are 1,143 families (5,507 persons) staying at Al- Tharique Maha Vidyalaya welfare camp in Peraru, Kantale.

40% of recent internally displaced people are children

People of Muthur continue to flee

"My eleven year-old son was critically injured in the shelling.His whole body is burnt with scars. I have to treat him completely. I do not have money to take him to Colombo for treatment. I have two more children to look after. I was affected by boxing day Tsunami, and I was living in a temporary shelter. I have not yet got my permanent house" says a fisherman from Thaqwa Nagar in Muthur Segu Mohamed Zahir (46)

Sarees are used to make cradles for children

All warring parties must take all feasible steps to allow humanitarian access to populations at risk

"I lost my relaives in the recent violence in Muthur. Some of relatives are still missing, I am unable to locate them. I am helpless" says a fisherman from Muthur Jetty Abdul Jabar Zubair (46)

People of Muthur have lost their jobs due to displacement. They are depended on relief items

"We want to study and become doctors in the future. But we are unable to go to school due to displacement" say Mohamed Hussain (11) and his cousin Mohamed Zuhair (11)

Most of these children have not had a bath for the last five days and they don't have change cloth

There is no water resources available closer to the camps and they have to hire three wheelers to get to the near by reservoir which costs them Rs.100. Surrounding areas of camp are so filthy and full of mosquitoes and flies.